Surrey Libraries and Guildford Library, supported by students from the Business School at the University of Surrey, are currently crowdfunding for a mini film studio at Guildford Makerspace, a place where children and adults will be able to film, edit and share their project with the digital world, using a simple Padcaster kit (see photo).

If you would like your children to have FREE time with the equipment, if you yourself would like FREE time for your own film project, or if you’re planning a children’s party in 2018, check out the project rewards. You can support the project at:

We’re also looking for corporate sponsors, and can offer a wide publicity reach. If you feel you can help, or if you simply want to ask a question, please contact us at


14:05, 30 Oct 2017 by Geof Elgie

For this year’s Summer Reading Challenge we are encouraging our younger library members to create an amazing mystery themed game, animation, story or app with Scratch coding using the crime solving Animal Agents of this year's Summer Reading Challenge.

To get involved the children will need to:

  • Sign up to the Scratch coding website.
  • Remix this Animal Agents project on the Scratch website, using the Animal Agents characters. The children can also add their own characters, art and sound to their projects too.
  • Share their remixed projects on the Scratch website and include the tag "animalagents".
  • Add a comment to the Animal Agents Scratch project to tell us about the amazing Animal Agents Scratch projects they have made.
  • Animal Agents projects can be added up until Saturday 16 September 2017.
08:41, 25 Aug 2017 by Geof Elgie

Take a look at a great video about local children discovering how to build robots at Guildford Library - Barney Kiddle reports:


 robot in progress

15:33, 21 Aug 2017 by Geof Elgie


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