amtheCODE Digital Club Leads

We're looking for people willing to commit 12 weeks of Saturday mornings to leading a group of children through the iamtheCODE curriculum.  Our backer, Marieme Jamme, is donating Kano computers and associated technology for the clubs.

What you need:  basic computer skills.  However, the more advanced your skills are, the more you can help the children.  Training will be provided.

How long?  12 weeks of Saturday mornings, plus half a day's training from iamtheCODE.

Where?  Guildford library.  However, we want to start clubs at other libraries.  If there is a library closer to you, let us know.

What do I get out of it?  Digitisation is a huge and growing agenda and encouraging more children to become programmers and tech entrepreneurs is a government priority.  This is an opportunity get some training and experience in a field which is only going to grow.  And you're helping the library service to be a part of it.

How do I express an interest?  Email us at