Expert dropins

People of all ages are very keen to learn, particularly the big exciting equipment like the 3D printer and the digital cutter.  But we can’t always offer a course or workshop.  Many people are happy to learn on their own, but we need a volunteer on hand when they do – partly to help them, and partly to keep an eye on the equipment.

What you need:  Just enthusiasm.

How long?  Whenever people ask for your help.  They would make an appointment with you and you would meet in a staffed part of the library to sit down together.

Where?  Guildford library. 

What do I get out of it?  If you’re keen to get your head round new technologies yourself, this is a really good way to learn.  There’s nothing like knowing that you’ve got to help somebody else to focus your attention.  And you get free time on the equipment to pursue your own projects.

How do I express an interest?  Email us at