Arduino is a gadget that allows you to create all kinds of electronics projects - intelligent lamps, birdbox monitoring, games, temperature controls, light-sensitive alarm clocks etc. Three graduates from Surrey University are very kindly revising a course that they previously delivered on campus. By the end of the course you'll have a little knowledge of computer programming and a good basic understanding of what the Arduino can do.

They are delivering the course free of charge, but in order to participate you will need to buy an Arduino starter pack from us. The cost of the ticket covers this pack plus other materials you will need, which will all be provided.

You do not need any previous knowledge - in fact this course is aimed at absolute beginners. We do ask that you're reasonably confident with a computer, able to install software and find your way around unfamiliar programmes.

Week 1 - Basic introduction to programming an Arduino, the students will learn how to make LEDs blink, get the buzzers to make annoying sounds and how to use buttons.
Week 2 - LED week - The students will learn how to use LEDs, how to dim them etc. We will then move onto the LED strips which can be individually programmed to take on almost any colour and be animated. The final project for this session will be a distance meter using the ultra-sonic distance sensor from he kit and outputting the measured distance to the LED strip.
Week 3 - Motor week - The students will learn about the different types of motors (DC, Stepper and servo) available in the kit and how to safely connect them to the Arduino. They will also learn how to use the joystick in the kit to control the motors leading up to a final project of a miniature wrecking ball (tinfoil ball) that can be controlled with the joystick.
Week 4 - In the final week we will teach the students how to use the temperature & humidity sensor in the kit and output the readings onto the LCD screen.
Week 5 - TOP SECRET - you'll be set a challenge using your new skills.

Note that despite what this Eventbrite says, this is a FIVE WEEK COURSE, every Tuesday, ending on 10 October 2017. The course is only available to people aged 15 and over.  Please, book your place via Eventbrite