Please, see below images and information about our equipment.

   Padcaster Frame / iPad holder with Lens bracket with 4 screws for Padcaster Frame

   Padcaster frame with Lens bracket and screws attached

   Shotgun microphone + Cold shoe (mounting clip) in felt bag

   Lavalier (clip-on) microphone with small to large headphone connector

   Wide angle lens assembly (macro & wide angle lens + 2 lens caps) with pouch

   The wide angle and macro lenses will usually be together as one unit

   Parrot teleprompter with 77mm Lens adapter ring and front cover

   LED light + cold shoe (mounting clip) with diffusion plate 

   Stick microphone with XLR to headphone jack cable and wind shield     

   Audio splitter

   3 piece clamp (for holding microphone, etc.) including clamp, cold shoe, and clip

   Lens adapter ring 72mm – 58mm

   Spare rubber bands    

   Instruction Booklets

   Tripod, carry case, tripod arm, Allen key and plastic clip        

   Tripod base plate with 2 screws

   Spare screws