"Come closer... let me tell you a tale... a tale of the haunting of Guildford Castle. A place where a shimmering ghostly apparition has been seen walking the grounds. We've heard that it's the spirit of a Victorian woman unaware that she died long ago. Why is she haunting Guildford Castle? Who was she? Why is she there? What does she want to tell us? We know none of these things. Can you help us put together her story - the story of the haunting of Guildford Castle?"

Haunting image

Join us for an all-day free event at Guildford Library, where you'll be creating and piecing together this ghost's story using creative digital tools, arts and crafts. What you want to make as part of the story is up to you. It could be atmospheric music, games, art, home made electronic ghost sensors, imaginary newspaper articles, recorded sightings, physical ghostly artefacts. Come with ideas if you have them. And even if you don't have any yet, we will come up with inspiring ideas as a group on the day.

The tech kit available for us to use at Guildford Library Makerspace for this event includes:

  • Makey Makey

  • Mbot

  • Laptops

  • Ozobots

  • Arduino

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Little Bits

  • Laptops

  • Easy to use game making software (Twine, Scratch, Bitsy)

  • Audio & music Making software

  • Art software

  • Craft and art materials

And you're welcome to bring along your own kit that will help us tell this ghost's story.

This free event is part of the online Gothic Novel Jam event, which is running throughout July. We will be uploading what has been created during the day to the Gothic Novel Jam web site, so other participants around the world can enjoy it too.

So, book a place on Eventbrite and help us lay the ghost of this woman to rest, or at least share her story with the world.

All abilities and ages welcome, but children must be accompanied by an adult.

As this is a free event please bring your own lunch (facilities to heat up food are unfortunately not available).