Established in autumn 2017, the Women’s Digital Club (WDC) is a free, inclusive community space for all women who wish to become more confident navigating an ever-changing digital world, through active learning and participation.

The Woment's Digital Club runs most Thursdays in term time from 10.30am to 12 noon

We continue to offer a diverse range of activities and events, co-ordinated by its members, for its members.

So, if you would like:

  • To regain your confidence after being out of the workplace for some time
  • Get your head around social media and the internet of things
  • Have a go at creating a website, blog or e-publishing
  • Explore our Makerspace’s creative equipment including Padcaster, 3D printer, Raspberry Pis and Microbits
  • Understand coding in schools or explore coding for yourself
  • Work alongside others in pursuing your own digital projects in a supportive environment
  • Share your own skills and knowledge with like-minded women…

Whatever your motivation, you (and your kids) are very welcome!
Contact us at or visit our website.