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Over the weekend of 26-28 January Guildford Library hosted an event for Global Game Jam, an international event where people work together for 48 hours and make a game based on a theme announced at the start of the event. The event was organised by Lana Zgombic, who works in the game industry herself, and who approached us to ask if we could host it. We were only one of four Global Game Jam events to be hosted by a library.

So, on Friday evening 30+ participants gathered at the library (along with 42,000 other game jammers at 804 events around the world) to hear the keynote, form teams and find out the theme - this year’s theme was Transmission. Over the weekend many participants stayed until well after midnight and a few stayed overnight at the library working on their games. It was fun and interesting watching games take shape over the 48 hours. At the end of the event 9 games had been created at the library - lots of variety in them, and so many great ideas and polished games were created in that short space of time. Participants presented their games to everyone else and members of the public who had dropped into the library on the Sunday afternoon. It was such a fun event. Thanks to Lana for organising it and asking us to host it, and thanks to the sponsors, who amongst other things provided food.

Please try out the games that were created at the library. You can find them on the Guildford Library game jam page.

You can also read more here.

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