After the success of last year’s Global Game Jam event we were approached again to host it once more over the weekend of 25-27 January at Guildford Library.


For those who don’t know, a game jam involves a group of game makers getting together for a short period of time – in this case 48 hours – to team up and create games based around a theme. Global Gam Jam is a huge annual event, and this year 47,000 jammers took part and made 9,000 games at 860 sites in 113 countries. We were the only public library in the UK to create games as part of the game jam.


This year, the Global Game Jam theme was “What home means to you”. The theme is only announced at the start of the weekend (around 7pm on the Friday) and from that point onwards the 35 participants at Guildford Library came up with ideas, formed teams, and made 13 games over the weekend. Participants included professional game developers from the local area (yes, we have lots of big name game development companies in and around Guildford), amateur game makers, and game development students.


Many people hadn’t met before, but within the space of a couple of hours teams were formed and the game ideas were being talked through. A lot of people stayed until the early hours of Saturday morning to work on their games, and a few people even stayed over in the library to continue working on them on both Friday and Saturday night. The 13 games created by our 35 event participants are free to play on the Global Game Jam site – you’ll be surprised by the amazing games they managed to create over a weekend.

Global Gam Jam 2019