At the end of May Guildford Library hosted an exciting event with the team behind Robot Wars’ Sabretooth robot. Over the course of 2 hours Gabriel and Esme shared their robot building tips with an audience of keen Robot Wars fans of all ages. We discovered how they prototype their robots (often with cardboard and wood); how each of the Sabretooth robots developed from their initial idea to finished battle robot and improvements on designs along the way. They shared CAD designs of newer robots, highlighting how different it was during the earlier days of robot building when they built them from moped parts. They even brought in a few of the deactivated robots for us to see.

They’ve come a long way since their first entry into Robot Wars, where their first robot only lasted a couple of minutes in the arena. Gabriel highlighted that this robot put out of action so quickly took about 1,000 hours to build! But he did also comment that building it was just as much a part of the fun Robot Wars experience as getting it fighting in the arena. In a more recently aired series with their newer robots they’ve been successful in getting through to the heat final of the series, learning from previous experiences.

It was an entertaining event and those attending learnt a lot from the behind the scenes stories that Gabriel and Esme shared with us. Thanks Team Sabretooth!